Okay, so I had a bit of a panic today as I was listening to an episode of the Indie Games Podcast in which they were interviewing Notch of Minecraft fame. In the interview, Notch is asked what his next game would be about. He says that he’d always want to make a more personal game about space trading, so you actually feel like you’re in the ship. He also mentioned Eve Online. This was almost eerie as Space.Craft/Drift emerged out of the fusion of Minecraft+Eve Online+my years old desire for a space combat game where you play as the person in the ship, not the ship itself. Notch seems like an awesome guy so he probably won’t accuse of us stealing his ideas but, just in case, here is some screenshots from my computer revealing that, indeed, I listened to this podcast a month or two after starting Space.Craft development. Just in case… #copyright-infringement #paranoia


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