Play Drift – Pre-Alpha Now

Eric and I have been busy coding away and we’ve managed to cobble together a pre-alpha build of Drift. You can play it here. Leave comments!

Though far, far, from being complete we’ve included the first glimmerings of what will be, in the future, brilliantly shining components of the game. Some of these are:

  • Mass for objects – hit an asteroid and you’ll send it spinning, and visa versa.
  • Working ship parts – sit in your pilots char, grab a joystick, flip through a monitor control panel.
  • build anywhere – slap on enough thrusters and you’ll be able to pilot even an asteroid.
  • And more.

The game is admittedly rough and somewhat… shall we say, obtuse? in showing how things work. This will of course change over time. For now, please take an opportunity to try an early build of Drift. And give us your thoughts!


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