Fear not, loyal reader. Derek and Eric haven’t forgotten about the project. Nay, though work consumes their waking hours and fears of poverty haunt their dreams, they yet have some time to chip away at the masterwork that is Drift – LO! A new addition arises… the beast ye wilst know as the “Sharkship.” Just kidding. We think that’s a stand-in name. But we definitely also believe that this ship should remind you of the ominous and predatory nature of a shark. We envision the star system of Drift to be populated by a number of the gargantuan monoliths – the last remnants of a interstellar war waged long ago, perhaps. Fear creeps upon those in their path, and the despairing silence of the void flows in their wake. Alright, clearly I’ve had a drink or two. But I think this is pretty cool. The Sharkships will trigger a musical cue at a certain distance from the player, so that even if he can’t see the hulk he can hear it coming. As the Sharkship approaches, more and more musical layer pile on, demonstrating the peril the player is in. Right now the mesh is just a stand-in sphere, but eventually there will be a robotic monstrosity. Think of the planet destroyer from Star Trek. But obviously way cooler. Every once in a while I get pretty depressed about the project – so much seems to lie ahead of us. But then Eric and I get together, and ponder, and little things like this video happen. Tonight I feel much more positive than I have in a while. If this video interests you, try the “Sharkship” scene in our Drift Pre-Alpha demo. Let us know what you think. Happy drifting, yall. Derek