Behind the scenes, Part II

So here’s the second installment of Shaped – behind the scenes. Please to enjoy us watching have fun.

Incidentally I just got back from seeing Indie Game: The Movie. It was great. Seriously, check it out.

This past year I’ve been discovering that indie games – this growing facet of my life ever since junior and senior year of college – are slowly becoming recognized by the world at large. Or maybe that’s inaccurate – perhaps the world of indie games has just been growing. All I can say is that, this past year in particular, I’ve been feeling more and more connected to a broad and vibrant community.

It’s like being alone in a dark cave with no light and suddenly hearing a murmur of a voice in the distance. You stumble towards it and grope your way through the dark and scuff your knees on the ground, and all the time the voices are growing louder and clearer. Then all of a sudden you turn the corner and find an entire search party in the gave with lights, and you realize that there are just untold numbers of people with you in the same place, feeling their way through the same cave. That’s what this movie brought home to me. It was such a refreshment to sit in an audience of 200 people watch names and faces and personalities that I have followed religiously playing on the big screen. I was surrounded by people who got it, whose faces would not go blank if I talked about Fez or Superbros.

Indie Game Movie was great, but I think part of the reason I enjoyed tonight so much is that it brought home that sense of community.

…even if it’s true that I was one of about 10o dudes in that crowd sporting plaid and a beard. Man, I am a stereotype sometimes.


Developer Videoblog #1 – Shaped

Look, kids! We’re up on the Youtubes!

A brief little “behind the scenes” on our project, Shaped – coming with the next couple months to iOS. You can tell that the game is nearly complete since we are finicking around with smaller features – the one highlighted in this video is a little “protective sphere” which makes sure that the player doesn’t lose a level while navigating a menu.

Eric and I were productive, today. We met up, talked about the issue we wanted to address in that time period, drew up a plan, discussed the way we’d do it, and executed. Very down to business – only a few breaks for dubstep and Derick Comedy.

We hope to release this game by June on the iOS market, and to android soon after that.