Shaped Gameplay trailer

 Hey folks – check it out – a trailer!

Eric and I have made huge strides in the past few weeks. We’ve stopped adding new features and we’ve been just polishing, polishing, polishing the game as it is right now. As a result we have the game basically finished. A few textures we need to uprez, a sound effect that needs to be made louder, an extra tutorial screen to throw up, but basically, yeah, that’s it. We’re done.

Now comes the part where we start thinking about the post development period. Perhaps we should have started earlier. We need to think about the submission process for the iOS app store, we need to tie sales to a bank account so we can get money, and we need to think about how to propagate the game. It just can’t be a viral trailer sent to Reddit (although, obviously, that’s going to happen. We are indie, after all.) We need to think about what game review sights would be interested. We’re going to send free copies to review companies and to our favorite gaming people who have a presence on social media.

And, I should say right here, we’re going to be giving away copies of the game for free. I’m not sure how many, and I’m not sure when – but count on it. We want you all to play the game.

From what I can tell, positive reviews and word of mouth are  crucial to getting a game publicity. I’d give away 500 free copies if it meant that 200 of them gave the game a positive review for the app store to see. It’s considerations like this that are going to be occupying our minds for now… in addition to gaming out our next project.

More to come soon. Stay tuned!