A Quick Look Behind the Making of the Naut Mesh

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Spent the evening working on a new mesh for our astronaut avatar.

The original was created when we very first started making the game – and my skills with blender were pretty grim.  Then, I essentially took the primitives (the basic sphere, cube, cylinder shapes) and plopped them down into Unity. Meshes overlapped, and it was very messy. The “Naut,” as we called him, was at best an abstraction.

I made it my mission, today, to come up with something better. Over the past week I’ve given blender another shot, while in the past I shook my fist at the software for its complexity, these days I feel a little more benign. A combination of finally gaining the muscle memory necessary to manipulate the camera and following a few simple tutorials gained me the ability to create a slightly more complicated mesh, as you can see above.

Take a look at the comparison shot below. A big improvement, if I do say so myself.

Of course, the process isn’t over. I think that this new Naut is, at best, an in-between stage. Despite the improvement he’s still a bit crude. I see him, however, as the result of learning a number of complicated procedures. The next step will be perfecting those procedures. I’ll apply what I’ve learned with greater efficiency and finesse.

Hope you enjoyed this little look at the process.