A Piton, a Plot

A piton

Eric and I had a great discussion yesterday about the story we want to tell with Summit. More on that soon, but suffice it to say we want to play around with the idea of legends and what it means to be a hero. We’re looking to have some fun with this!

One of the tools that the player will need to use in summit is the basic piton. Functionally, the piton roles in stamina management for the player – there are a limited number for you to use for each climbing puzzle, and thus a limited number of opportunities to refill your stamina gauge. Players must use them carefully to get to the top.

Incidentally, I’m very impressed with the climbing mechanics of Shadow of the Colossus. Even when you aren’t scaling creatures, the gameplay is essentially a combination stamina management and pathfinding. The player works to get as quickly as possible to a resting point and refill his stamina gauge. If we’re drawing upon that example at all, we’re looking to add an additional element of tool selection – forcing the player to use one of a variety of tools to scale a variety of platforming puzzles.

Thanks for tuning in!