Animating Summit

As you can see from Eric’s post we’ve decided as a company to return to Drift as our main project. But I’m still interested in working on Summit as a platformer, and will continue working on it as a Send More People side project. Perhaps it’ll turn into a full game, perhaps it’ll just help me to continue fleshing out my C# skills, but for the moment it has value in being incredibly fun to work on and make strides in.

As you can see above, I’ve created a character controller and have gotten him to climb around a course. Today’s achievement was getting an animations array working, so that the animation automatically updates depending on the player status. Now comes the hard part – drawing the actual animation key frames. I’ll be spending a lot of time thinking of Eedward Muybridge in the days to come.

Oh, and I got a little hand-drawn animation working here as well. It’s hard to tell which is jankier… my hand-drawn animation or my 3d.