Madlibs for Procjam

There once was a girl named Roro Roropupuma the Unruly. She stood by the Troubled Forest and mused to herself about the coming journey. She met the evil lord Zizipuzi Jigapujisa the Smooth.

Eric and I are doing a little 3 paragraph story generator for the ProcJam. So far so good, the above is the randomly generated text we’ve made after about 3 hours work. We’re learning about the Mozilla Thimble tool – a free collaborative HTML editor for our text-based story. Thus far it’s a slicker, though somewhat buggier, collaborative editor in the style of ShiftEdit or CodeTogether. If you’re coding in HTML5 it’s not bad, but we ran into a few frustrating instances where we desynced.

The code is still rudimentary but we’re beginning to develop a structure. Take a look, if you like.