More Projects, More Thoughts


Hey folks! Derek here.

It’s been a while since our last update. Eric and I have been hit by the real world quite a bit in recent months. I’ve gotten engaged to a lovely lady and my next project at work – technology conferences in Iraq – has taken off. Eric, too, has decided to tie the knot, and moreover has become a developer and producer at the entertainment games studio inXile! But throughout all these events we’ve still made an effort to keep our hands in the indie game, so to speak.

Eric is in the process of launching a company Humighty – a company whose goal is making play productive. I’ll leave him to explain where the project is going, but you’ll want to get in on the ground level for the things he’s planning. He’s been working on a few prototypes, like a game called Tipsy, designed to help bartenders remember drink recipes, and The Daily Deck, which is a card-a-day self improvement game – all really cool stuff! Capture

I’ve been working on a game, too, called the Captain’s Log, in which you play a Starship Captain who is lost in space. It started out as a small project and – like everything – has ballooned into a really big task, but I’ve worked to fight the feature creep and I think I’m almost done. It’s a big goal of mine to actually produce a game, because the last one we published was Shaped – that was 3 years ago now.

And today, dear reader, we’re putting both our side projects aside and participating in Proc Jam – a big online jam in which users are encouraged to learn and create a game about procedurally generated content. Tune in for our submission – we’ll probably end up posting it here.

Anyway – Eric and I are still alive, and still doing things. If people are interested I’ll share the Captain’s Log dev videos here.