Hi All,

Back again after quite some time. Hope you’re doing well! As Derek can attest, over these past several months I’ve been dividing my time and attention between my job, various entrepreneurial pursuits, and now married life, with some time on the side for game dev. Aside from learning the hard way that if you don’t stick to one thing you won’t finish anything, I also finally learned that it’s not about the amount of free time I have but how I use that time, however small. I don’t expect this division of labor to change anytime soon, so I just have to increase my hustle. Hopefully, that will mean more frequent progress, updates, and videos.
If you’ve been following my YouTube channel you’ll know I’ve worked on other games, such as We Are Being Boarded, but all roads lead back to Debris. Debris is that one game idea that I just can’t seem to shake, which always seems clearest and most exciting in my mind, and which actually seems within my abilities to deliver it. Thus, as much as I’ve tried to avoid it for smaller, simpler projects, it just has to be the next game I bring to market independently (no doubt, with Derek’s help where I can steal it).
However, with game dev being my 3rd lowest priority goal, I really have to rein in my ambitions for what the first, playable prototype looks like. It required a lot of soul-searching, but I’ve distilled it to the following core features:
  1. Basic astronaut animation spritesheet
  2. Basic tactical AI for NPCs
  3. Basic spaceship AI for NPCs
  4. Multiplayer (local multiplayer only…I’ll save online for another year)
  5. Ability for players to take up unique roles on a spaceship (pilot, gunner, etc)
  6. One spaceship (exterior and interior art)
  7. Spaceship-to-spaceship combat
Now, I know there’s a lot of work hidden in there but by distilling it to <10 features, I now have an achievable and short-term goal. In addition, because I had been jumping around with my game dev, I already have some code that I can reuse. I will likely have to adjust this plan as I go, so I’m trying to avoid wedding myself to unproven design ideas. Instead, I’ll let the design dictate which features are highest priority in the stack. As Todd Howard says, “Great games are played, not made.”
So, in the coming months I hope to post more blog updates, videos, and maybe even some demos for Debris. They may be brief, they may be few and far between, but they’ll always be moving forward towards the next Send More People release. Stay tuned!
Check out the last dev video HERE.
– Eric