Shaped is now free on iOS and Android


We’ve gotten a lot of experience out of making Shaped, and now, three months after release, we’ve received practically all the sales we’re likely to make through it. So here it is – play Shaped for Free in your browser or on your mobile device of choice.

Thanks for playing. Please rate the game if you enjoy it.

Android app on Google Play


Shaped Lite Now Free on Google Play

Some kind advisers from the developer community have recommended making a “Lite” version to drive sales. More people to play Shaped! And, ideally, to drive sales for the full version. iOS build coming soon.

Check out Shaped Lite here.

Shaped was played at IGG!

We were featured on the IGG Marathon today! It was a real treat to see folks playing our game and having a good time. Watch the video above to see how it went down.

Now begins the long, hard marketing campaign to get people to know about Shaped. We’re putting together press kits for review websites, tweeting, and generally making as much noise as possible.

Eric and I will want to check in soon with a Shaped post-partum video. Stay tuned.

~ Derek

Shaped to be played in the Indie Games for Good Marathon


Our game Shaped is going to be played on the IGG Marathon this Friday, October 19!

The IGG Marathon is a really event run by really cool people seeking to encourage people to donate to Child’s Play and build exposure for independent games at the same time. Your donation not only goes to help out children in hospitals, but also drives a counter deciding which games are going to be played over a non-stop, hours long marathon. Last year they played for 79 hours, raising a hell of a lot of money and showing off tons of indie games.

Doing good work, if you ask me.

We at Send More People totally recommend you check the site out, and even donate, if you can.

There’s going to be a livestream of the event and a live chat where folks can talk about the game. One of us is going to make an appearance (acts of god and day-jobs permitting) for the conversation and give away a few free copies of the game. Hope to see you all there!

Much love,



Shaped is Launched!

At long last, Shaped is available on the iOS App Store and on Google Play!

It’s been a long time coming. When we first met and started talking about our passion for video games and programming, I don’t think either of us believed that we would be publishing a real, honest to goodness game in less than two short years. Shaped has been a labor of love for both of us – an opportunity to pick up not just game design, but business and marketing skills. We’re going to keep on learning. We love this.

To our friends and family who’ve encouraged us in this experience – thank you.

The game sells for $1.00 on the iOS App Store and on Google Play. 10% of our profits will go to the Make a Wish Foundation. If you’re new to the game, please take the opportunity to play it for Free.

Happy playing!

Derek and Eric

Shaped on Google Play

Shaped reviewed in The Indie Game Magazine

Eric and I just received a pleasant surprise – our game Shaped has been reviewed by The Indie Game Magazine!

Alex Wilkinson writes:

“Today’s title really is one to slow everything down and relax a little. I am going to look at a game from the rather aptly named Send More People indie development duo. Much like yesterday todays game is going to be rather abstract also, but it is wonderful. Shaped is a very atmospheric vector based exploration game, the ambient music gives this game the atmosphere and it works quite nicely. Much like OsmosShaped is all about the audio creating a wonderful ambiance to the game overall.

You begin the game with a basic tutorial to just get you up and running. Not much really needs to be explained as the controls are very straightforward but the real task is to evolve without hitting the other shapes. The goal is to reach your partner shape floating out in space, this is done by using a ping system to locate them in this huge arena.

The graphics are all vector based and very simplistic, this however adds a nice take on the game. With the excellent audio that is continually played over the game the whole mood of Shaped is a very interesting, relaxed and spacy one. The audio really is the key to making this game so good, and with audio often being the first thing sacrificed it was great to see a game that really embraced the audio element (yes I know this was from LD22 which was all about the audio but still).

Average play time – 8 minutes

If you are looking for a title to really suck you in and take you away from the grim days realities Shaped is for you. It is a great abstract game with a heavy focus on audio which I love and although slightly challenging at parts the gameplay is overall very relaxing. Shaped can be played here and the official site for Send More People is here.”

I just want to say how thrilled I am that we were mentioned in the same sentence as Hemisphere game’s wonderful title, Osmos. Back before I even thought about making a game of my own I played the beta version of Osmos and loved it. I even wrote an entry for the Giantbomb wiki – its been edited heavily since then, but Eddy from Hemisphere got in touch and offered me a steam version of the game. Osmos has absolutely killer sound design – very ethereal pings, and swishes, and a soundtrack featuring an excellent ambient band called Loscil.

In other news, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve delayed the iOS and Android releases of Shaped for another week or so. We detected one last glitch in the game that we could not release the game with… so we resubmitted the app to the the iOS appstore and restarted the 10 day review clock.

Meanwhile, though, if you’re interested – you should check out the free online build of Shaped. Just another week to go till mobile launch!