“Astral Battle” – Music by Send More People

I thought it might be interesting for folks to see the music that we’ve been generating for our projects. Even though only one game has been published, we’ve got done dozens of songs.

Astral Battle is a soundtrack from “Drift”, Send More People’s once and future space game project.

The song was intended to be the in-combat music for a game set in the far reaches of space. Drift went through several concept iterations which ended up removing ship to ship fighting. The piece has a soft spot in Derek’s heart, though, and he plans to work it in, when and if Send More People returns to Drift.

Author: Derek Gildea

Shaped was played at IGG!

We were featured on the IGG Marathon today! It was a real treat to see folks playing our game and having a good time. Watch the video above to see how it went down.

Now begins the long, hard marketing campaign to get people to know about Shaped. We’re putting together press kits for review websites, tweeting, and generally making as much noise as possible.

Eric and I will want to check in soon with a Shaped post-partum video. Stay tuned.

~ Derek

Shaped Video Development Log #2

Our heroes return with yet another developer log. I’ve just finished working at an internship and until another one starts up next week I have mornings free to work with Eric on Shaped.

The big news! We’ve gotten the game to run on the iPhone directly. No more emulation – legit, we have an app that will run and play our game from start to finish. Now begins the labor of optimization – getting the thing to run at a solid 60 frames a second and to behave responsibly. We’re going to messing around with control schemes – now that we’re not using a mouse to simulate a finger, we need to rethink exactly what will be the most intuitive control scheme.

And come up with a friendly sound that isn’t just that kid laughing. God, I designed that sound and even I find it irritating now.

We’re not quite on the home stretch, but we’re getting there. Tomorrow Eric and I are checking out banks to set up an account for Send More People. Things are happening, folks. Huzzah.


Fear not, loyal reader. Derek and Eric haven’t forgotten about the project. Nay, though work consumes their waking hours and fears of poverty haunt their dreams, they yet have some time to chip away at the masterwork that is Drift – LO! A new addition arises… the beast ye wilst know as the “Sharkship.” Just kidding. We think that’s a stand-in name. But we definitely also believe that this ship should remind you of the ominous and predatory nature of a shark. We envision the star system of Drift to be populated by a number of the gargantuan monoliths – the last remnants of a interstellar war waged long ago, perhaps. Fear creeps upon those in their path, and the despairing silence of the void flows in their wake. Alright, clearly I’ve had a drink or two. But I think this is pretty cool. The Sharkships will trigger a musical cue at a certain distance from the player, so that even if he can’t see the hulk he can hear it coming. As the Sharkship approaches, more and more musical layer pile on, demonstrating the peril the player is in. Right now the mesh is just a stand-in sphere, but eventually there will be a robotic monstrosity. Think of the planet destroyer from Star Trek. But obviously way cooler. Every once in a while I get pretty depressed about the project – so much seems to lie ahead of us. But then Eric and I get together, and ponder, and little things like this video happen. Tonight I feel much more positive than I have in a while. If this video interests you, try the “Sharkship” scene in our Drift Pre-Alpha demo. Let us know what you think. Happy drifting, yall. Derek