Drift update – February 23, 2014

We’re back to working on Drift.

What’s fun is that we can apply some of the skills we’ve picked up in our “in between” projects. Eric is doing some pretty incredible work with procedurally generated voxel terrain. I’ve had a little practice working out an oxygen system (originally it was for Debris) so I took my work freom an earlier project and built off of it.

Huzzah for game dev!


A New Climbing Silhouette, a Dev Diary

Another silhouette to climb. This one was made in illustrator, then exported as a png file (not a vector). Even though there are pixels in this baby, it’s looking moderately sharp. Eric, for his part, is thinking of adopting a “node-based” drawing script that he was working on for Drift. Essentially, we would be able to create node points and the script would generate a mesh by linking between all the nodes – then we would fill it in with a repeating material texture. Something akin to what the Chasing Aurora guys are doing.¬†We’re really in awe of them, and we’re thinking we’d like to pay homage to their art style. Maybe.

Eric and I are struggling to find a time for both of us to work on the game. Eric says he’s suffering from the classic conundrum of an indie developer with a day job – too much time to think about doing the game, and not enough time for execution. He has a lot of priorities on his plate right now – his long-term girlfriend and his family life not the least important among them. So he’s working on the game every other Friday, and squeezing in time when he has the spare hours. I feel for him, and totally support him working to get his life in order. Sounds like our basic challenge as indie game designers!

For my part, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the art design of the game – what I’d like it to be, and what I can accomplish. I’ve been spending hours working with the new tablet and watching tutorial videos on concept art and digital painting. There’s a lot to learn here, but I’m pretty sure that I can design something that fits with my style and still looks groovy.

Anyway – keep on trucking.

Oh by the way: here’s a great article we read on staying motivated during the indie games process.

Oh, and also this:

The Greatest Running Animation of All Time

I’ve never done much by the way of complicated animation before, but we plan to do a bunch of it for our next project, Summit. Here’s what I snuck in during my lunch break today.

Very, very basic as you can see (and with our requisite jank levels), but I think I’ve grasped the basics. Now it’s time to look at images like the thing below and compare on a frame by frame basis. Get get things more detailed.

Thanks for tuning in!



After getting home today I spent more time on the animation, giving special attention to the motion of the legs and feet. I think I got a much more natural motion of the limbs with just a few hours work – it gives me confidence we can improve on this as time goes on. Still work to be done, though – as I look at this video I realize the arms are slightly out of sync.