Grabbing Mechanics in Drift

Haul your objects. Haul your friends.


Drift update – February 23, 2014

We’re back to working on Drift.

What’s fun is that we can apply some of the skills we’ve picked up in our “in between” projects. Eric is doing some pretty incredible work with procedurally generated voxel terrain. I’ve had a little practice working out an oxygen system (originally it was for Debris) so I took my work freom an earlier project and built off of it.

Huzzah for game dev!

Weekend Warriors Indie Dev Jam: March 2nd – 3rd

March2-3 event

A humble jam “hosted” by Send More People

Watch the livestreams of seven indie game developer teams from all across the world as they do their passion project of dev. There are no prizes to be won in this jam, and no expectations except to work on a game and have fun! Watch the videos below, engage with the dev teams on Twitter and on Google+ with hashtag #WeekendWarriorJam. (Want to join up? See instructions below!)

Games &  Participants

corridorUntitled Project by Dan Brown (Etrium)
[Livestream Link Here]

JurgisBlosso Run, by Jurgis Tamulis
[Livestream Link Here.]

yoloMultiplayer Survival, by Charlie Larson SknnyWhiteMan
[LiveStream on]

Equaliser, by Diado Gaming
Diado on Facebook
[Livestream on Twitch.TV]

CataCatastrophy, by Adam Long

Velonic, by U1zeb
Google Hangout


Summit, by Send More People
SendMorePeople on Facebook
SendMorePeople on Google+

 Latest ‘playable’ build HERE

Livestreaming here:


Interested in joining? Welcome! Here’s How to Participate

  1. Get a live stream of your dev process. Derek and Eric are big fans of Google+ Hangouts, which allow you to broadcast your screen for free. Maybe instead you use  or other services. As long as there is a link to broadcast your video, you can share it with us and we’ll publish it to the world. Or, heck, send us your liveblog. The hashtag you’ll be using. Whatever’s clever.
  2. Send us your info. We’d love to host your information. Contact us at and send us:
    ~ Your name and/or company
    ~ The name of your project
    ~ Your website or blog (so people can find out more about you)
    ~ Your video dev feed (You’ll need to do this the day of the jam)
    ~ An image of your logo and project. On March 2nd, we’ll host your info on our website, and publish the page on Reddit’s /r/gamedev and the Google+ Indie Game Developers Community.
  3. Share  online. We’ll be posting everyone’s individual website to our twitter feed @SendMorePeople. We encourage you to do the same. Join in the conversation online with the hashtag #WeekendWarriorJam – discuss your work on Reddit and other gaming communities.
  4. Encourage your fellow indie developers. Take a moment to watch the streams of your other friendly game-devs.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Email or reach out to us on Twitter: Derek Gildea is @derekpost and Eric Daily is @ericdaily. And of course, Send More People can be reached at @SendMorePeople. Good luck!

Today’s Progress: Working In-Game Chat!

As you can see from the photos, I got an (ugly but functional) in-game chat system up and running today. You can type in your username and it’ll appear next to your chat string in the chat window. In the future, this username sign in info will be stored on some database when you sign up. I also ported over the networking code to C# and commented it out for future reference. Once I fully grasp it, I can bend it to my will!

“Astral Battle” – Music by Send More People

I thought it might be interesting for folks to see the music that we’ve been generating for our projects. Even though only one game has been published, we’ve got done dozens of songs.

Astral Battle is a soundtrack from “Drift”, Send More People’s once and future space game project.

The song was intended to be the in-combat music for a game set in the far reaches of space. Drift went through several concept iterations which ended up removing ship to ship fighting. The piece has a soft spot in Derek’s heart, though, and he plans to work it in, when and if Send More People returns to Drift.

Author: Derek Gildea